…and love…

Poems by Marge Piercy, Sam Hamill, Dorianne Laux, Ron Rash, Lola Haskins, Stuart Dischell, doris davenport, Fred Chappell, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Alan Michael Parker, Michael Chitwood, Betty Adcock, Joe Millar, Nancy Simpson, David Huddle, Holly Iglesias, Dannye Romine Powell and 100+ other poets.

Lovers and spouses. Sons and daughters. Parents, friends, strangers, pets. First love, last love, dying love, passionate love, sad love, wasted love, devoted love; love of body, love of spirit, love of self, love of place, love of time, love of moments, love of love.  And more…

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She Hands Me the Razor

“The poems of Richard Krawiec are not unflinching. The things they discover, observe, and reveal might cause anyone to flinch. But this poet does not avert his gaze; he sees and endures and at last achieves a dearly bought and perhaps unexpected grace. I admire this collection enormously because I never doubted, always thinking, ‘Yes, this is how it must have been.’ Powerful experiences powerfully rendered with an art that seems almost casual. I salute this high, rude accomplishment.”
Fred Chappell, former North Carolina Poet Laureate and author of Shadow Box: Poems

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The Sound of Poets Cooking

Featuring work by five dozen poets, including NC Poet Laureates Fred Chappell and Kathryn Stripling Byer, and dozens of other nationally celebrated writers. The poems alternate with recipes written by the poets, their family members, lovers and friends. The writing is at turns sensuous, hilarious, elegant, and playful. The recipes range from Asian, through European, to Middle Eastern dishes, as well as regional favorites from across the U.S.–tiramisu, homemade curry, vegetarian meals, exotic seafood, some simple, some complex. There is something here for every palate, literary and culinary.

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And Fools of God

“There’s no denying his gift for storytelling, the stark truthfulness of detail”
Kirkus Reviews

A collection of sensitive, heartbreaking, often funny stories about people afflicted by poverty, violence, drug addiction, racism – Holocaust survivors, crack addicts, women on the edge, aging hippies – and their attempts to make it through life with their dignity intact.

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NC Poet Laureate Kathryn Stripling Byer says:
“Courageous, unblinking…terrifying and beautiful…harrowing yet tender…”

“In this poetic journal of a father’s struggle to endure a wife’s mental illness and protect his sons from her destructive demons, Richard Krawiec leads us into a psychological realism that is stunning.  He captures with laser-sharp authenticity the emotional dark night, as delusional illness threatens to envelop the family of its victim.

Krawiec writes not as a detached observer but with the anguish of a sufferer finding his way through a nightmare, ultimately sustained by love and devotion to his sons.  More than any textbook I know, ‘Breakdown: A Father’s Journey’ evokes a compassionate awareness of the ordeal faced by the families of our patients.  Clinicians, as well as families and supportive friends, would do well to read it frequently.”

-Ralph Roughton, M.D., psychoanalyst
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
Emory University, Atlanta, GA

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A collector’s item!

The first major anthology to collect works of poetry and prose from North Carolina writers, both unknown and celebrated.

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Faith in What

“Credibly limns the hearts and minds of characters worth caring about.”
Publisher’s Weekly

Set in Pittsburgh in the 1980s, this heart-wrenching novel chronicles the troubles that beset Pat, a working class mother, her husband Timmy, who has been laid off from the steel mill, and their two daughters, brain-damaged Katie and her younger sister Ellen.  The book portrays Timmy’s growing sense of worthlessness, Pat’s feelings of guilt and frustration, and the difficulty of preserving through adversity to find sympathy and love.

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Time Sharing

A riveting, hilarious, and deeply moving look at two people who live on the margins of society.  Artie, a petty thief and would-be con man, finds Jolene wrestling in a bar, trying to earn money to support her sick child.  Against all odds, they begin to develop a deep love for each other.  But times are tough, and their luck is bad.  They come up with a plan that might help them escape their poverty, or doom them forever.

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The Truth About S.C.

Tony’s mother is in the hospital, his father has no time for him, and he has just been suspended from school for fighting with his best friend, who told him the truth about Christmas.  What happens next is one of the wildest, most magical rides in the history of juvenile fiction.  Tony learns that there are other truths besides myths, and discovers a way to keep alive the faith and joy of the season.

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Voices from Home

Although featuring fiction and non-fiction from North Carolina writers, this is not a regional anthology.  The stories and themes are so diverse this book could have been published anywhere, from New York to Africa.  Well-known authors such as Allan Gurganus and Elizabeth Spencer are featured beside lesser-known but highly skilled literary writers.

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