Editing Philosophy

I believe in the value of editors. I’ve been fortunate to have had some great editors for my own work. At Viking Penguin, Patricia Mulcahey helped me shape my first novel. Years ago when I had a story published in The Quarterly Gordon Lish called to talk about how he wanted to edit my story. I learned more about writing in a 2-hour phone conversation with him than I did in a year of writing workshops.

Most of the people I work with think they need a full edit/critique. They don’t. The particular problems they are having almost always show up within the first 50 – 100 pages. A good editor will be able to see that. A good editor will have the ability to recognize what it is the writer is trying to do with their book, and offer specific advice on how to go about accomplishing that. This is what’s referred to as developmental editing, which is what most writers need – recognizing that there are problems with structure, or narrative, or character interaction, or plot, and offering suggestions on how to fix those problems. For example, maybe you don’t organize your descriptions in a logical way. An editor could go through your entire manuscript pointing out every time this happens, or simply show you several occurences and teach you how to rewrite it.

Line editing is more focused on problems within each sentence. It is useful for some people, but most writers need developmental help.

Ghost editing is different. The author provides the basic plot and character outlines, and the ghost editor writes the actual story.

A good editor won’t milk you for money. I often work with writers who want me to go over their 350 page manuscript, but we’re done by page 75.

Manuscript Editing Pages

1 – 50 pages, $4 per page

51 – 100 pages, $3.50 per page

100+ pages, $3 per page

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All rates are based on double-space, 12 point type. I accept submissions via email or regular mail. I give you both specific advice on individual lines, paragraphs, etc. as well as suggestions on how to improve the overall shape, movement, and development of your characters and story.

If you contract for 100 pages, but I feel I only need to critique 30 pages to focus in on areas you need to work on, I will NOT charge you for the full 100 pages. I will only charge you for the work I actually need to do. I am happy to work out payment plans that will fit your budget.

You won’t have to wait months for a response. Instead of waiting until I’ve finished editing your entire manuscript, I return sections as I go along so that you can be revising within a week.

Ghost Writing

Some people have a great story to tell, but not the time or desire to write it down. I will take the material you wish to work with – whether written notes, or verbal explanation – and turn it into a novel, memoir, non-fiction story, or whatever type of publication you desire. Fees for this service are negotiable, based on time commitment and research needs.


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